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03 Case Study

GRESB with
Lord Green

LORD Green’s expertise in GRESB reporting is unmatched in the industry. LORD Green has been involved in the submission of about 200 U.S. and International funds and REITS to GRESB on behalf of our clients. We help our clients to consistently improve their scores year after year. In 2018, three funds were recognized as Global Sector Leader, and a dozen earned 5 out of 5 Green Stars, ranking in the top quintile of their respective peer groups.

GRESB Before and After LORD Green Engagement

Before LORD Green

Bottom Quartile GRESB Ranking within Peer Group

LORD Green Engagement

  • Fully Leveraged Existing Platform
  • Enhanced Policies & Practices
  • Increased Green Building Certifications
  • Collected All Available Property Data
  • Increased Reporting & Disclosure

Our Clients’ GRESB Track Record

At least one of our clients has achieved GRESB Sector Leader each year for the past 5 consecutive years

01 Case Study: 1918 Eighth Avenue

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