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The LORD Green office is a lovely mid-century house that was converted to a commercial office building. It’s sixty-five hundred square feet, and sits on an acre of land in Dallas, Texas. There are beautiful trees, grass, a dog park, an outdoor community space, and all the original architectural features are maintained.

However, the building did need quite a few improvements to get up to our green building standards. It’s important that we live out the responsibility and sustainability that we’re communicating to our clients so we’ve pursued every green building certification possible. We achieve an ENERGY STAR certifications each year, earned a BREEAM USA In-Use certification in 2019, and achieved LEED Platinum in 2020.

Our Story

Inc. Best Workplaces for 2018

We do a lot to promote the health and wellness of our employees and practice the strategies that we’re providing for our clients. We love the impact we’re making in our space and for the environment.

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“It’s a super collaborative environment inside and out. We have open work areas, creative work spaces, and a lot of great meeting spaces.”

Dogs are

One of the amazing features of our office is that we welcome our dogs to join us at the office every day. We’ve put a lot of effort into ensuring that the dog life is as good as the human life. We built a dog park so the dogs could run around outside and have freedom. It’s great to take a break from working, go outside, get some fresh air, and walk your dog. It’s a huge mood booster. Who’s not smiling when they see a wagging tail coming towards them?

Employee Focused

We focus a lot on our employees, ensuring that they feel comfortable here. We have a medical massage therapist that comes in once a week. We have a foosball table. We bring in Kombucha on tap. We have a grill and a patio. We have bench seating in the dog park so we can enjoy lunch alongside of our dogs.

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