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Our founder, Mychele Lord, pioneered the real estate sustainability movement, and our innovative team continues to define the direction of the industry.

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We are the industry experts in understanding the parameters of the third-party certifications and reporting frameworks that benefit your real estate portfolio. We manage more Top Quartile funds than anyone else in the world.

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Our passion to make the world a better place than we found it drives our passion to get the details right for our clients every day. Our pragmatic approach is both realistic and responsible in helping your team achieve your sustainability goals.

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Our expertise makes the certification and reporting process easier on property managers, asset managers, and portfolio managers. We make your job easier. It’s not a disruption. We care about making this work for you and for the environment, and that makes an impact for everyone.

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Knowledge is power and the key to building and maintaining a successful ESG program is by understanding and implementing best practices in this rapidly evolving industry. Our team of experts provide property teams and other key stakeholders with regular training opportunities meant to inform and empower, helping clients create a more sustainable future.


We develop comprehensive sustainability reference guides, handbooks, checklists, and various other documents and resources for our clients to utilize at their properties. These resources are continuously being updated with the latest industry standards and best practices.


By leveraging our proprietary SQL database with cutting-edge data visualization software, we are able to produce custom reports and monitoring capabilities that are unmatched in the industry. Our database is integrated with ENERGY STAR and GRESB APIs, allowing for a more seamless and efficient data collection and reporting process.

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